O21Pay integration options

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No code: Accept global bank and crypto payments in less than 5 minutes

Accept global payments without a line of code. Create your account to access our dashboard, setup your IBAN or Wallet and generate your payment link with the desire amount you would like to collect and currencies that you would like to display. Your are then ready to collect by pasting your QRlink in your social network/IM Group/mail/web/mobile app/Dapp/Game...

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Components: Copy paste our ready to use components

Customize our ready to use components to accept global payment by configuring your account, method of payment. You have various options such as the appearence of your payment button, its location within your web/CMS/Mobile app/Games as well as handy options such as suggested amount, modifiable pricing, references… All payments are registered and can be notified with advanced features such as webhook to perform in no time complex integration.

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Explore our API for custom integration

Explore our API reference to implement flexible, reliable and secure integration to accept global payment. Benefit from our sample codes and examples, Webhooks, test environements and metadata support.

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