O21pay Overview

This Guide will help you get started with O21Pay, understand payment 3.0 and how to make production-ready integration in minutes not hours. .

Welcome to O21Pay Guide ! :owlbert:

O21Pay is a payment 3.0 solution that meets new generation needs :

  • Usable with or without code
  • Accept both crypto and Fiat
  • Provide Instant and universal payment with various payment methods at global scale
  • Easily embeddable in your e-commerce site/ Donation blog/Mobile app/Dapp/Game or inside your CMS or shareable on your favorites social network/IM Group/ e-mails...
  • More permissive in terms of payment, less verbose in term of data communication (no bank account information nor credit card information needed).
  • Your payment can also serve the planet as we provide net zero transaction approach that can be extend to the content of your purchase from a carbon or climate contribution point of view..

We are working hard to open our service, we are currently in private beta, if you demand is urgent feel free to contact us.

💬 We're here to help and listen to your feedbacks !

If you get stuck, shoot us an email

We're excited you're here! ❤️