2. Create a merchant shop

Create your first shop.

With O21Pay, you can create one or more shops and manage your payments separately.


Each shop can be attached to different bank accounts and/or crypto wallets, define your preferred currency for each, and then create payment requests in each registered currency.

Let's start to create your fist shop, on the "Merchant" tab, you have the possibility to create your first shop by clicking on the "Add your first Merchant" button.

Once created, you can setup the shop parameters from your "Merchants" Menu pressing Setup button.

In order to setup correctly your merchant you will need to register your bank accounts/wallets from the "Accounts" menu and configure at least one bank account or one crypto wallet in function of your subscription limitation by pressing Add Account button

By pressing Add Account you will select the currency and configure your bank/crypto wallet details, you can then do it again in function of your subscription plan limitation.

For a bank account you will be able to enter your IBAN and if you select properties you will be able to select a second bank account to let people who don't have initiation of payment from their bank or from their country to wire through SWIFT or CHAP or SEPA the money to the sepcified bank account (You can also use the same account).

You can repeat those operation to link bank accounts and crypto wallets to different shops
Prior to account's linking, you must have declared your bank accounts and crypto wallets in O21Pay.
To each store, you can attach one or many accounts/wallets.