1. Create O21Pay account

Let's create your first O21Pay account.

We are working hard to open our service, we are currently in private beta, if your demand is urgent feel free to contact us ton enter our beta.

Once your account created, you will be able to create your first shop https://docs.o21.io/docs/test-1and start collecting your first payments.

Once our service will be open to public the account creation will be available from this Sign-up

To create your O21Pay business account, from the O21Pay Dashboard page you will be asked to fullfill personal and company information.
To finalize your O21Pay business account, you will need to define your password.


Your password must respect the following constraints:

Minimum 8 characters
At least one uppercase/lowercase letter
At least one digit
At least one special character

Once all of the above steps have been completed, you will receive an email to confirm the creation of your account.
You will then be able to log in with the email address you provided for your personal account and the password you have defined.

We strongly advise to setup a 2FA (Two factor authentification) as soon as possible to renforce access security to O21Pay.

For doing that you will have to select "Organization" from the menu of the Dashboard and select 2FA and then follow the instruction to set up your 2FA with google authenticator app to guarantee that is really you with accessing O21Pay dashbaord.

Once completely done you will be able to log in to O21Pay business dashboard by accessing the business dashboard url filling your credentials email and password and then you will be requested your MFA one time atomic password from your Google authenticator application.